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ECU Remapping

What Is ECU Remapping?

Through skilful recalibration of your vehicle’s ECU, we unlock substantial improvements in power, torque, and overall efficiency. Our process begins with the use of state-of-the-art tools to safely extract the original mapping from your vehicle’s ECU.

Once we have the original map, our team meticulously adjusts it to enhance your vehicle’s performance. This will typically involve tweaking the air:fuel ratio, ignition timing, boost pressure, and other parameters to optimise the engine’s output and efficiency. Our objective is not just to boost power, but to do so in a way that maintains the integrity and longevity of your vehicle’s engine.

Once your vehicle has been tuned, we will test the vehicle on our 4WD dynamometer. This powerful tool allows us to simulate various driving conditions and stress tests in a controlled environment. We perform full power sweeps to measure the real-world impact of our tuning on your vehicle’s performance. This step is essential to ensure that the tuning is not only effective but also safe for your vehicle. It allows us to fine-tune any adjustments and verify that the vehicle is performing exactly how we expect it to

vehicles remapped


Choosing us for custom tuning your vehicle will result in an increase in both horsepower and torque, alongside enhancements in throttle response and smoother power delivery, resulting in a much more enjoyable driving experience.


As well as increased performance, on most diesel engines we can also see an improvement of up to 15% in fuel efficiency.

Gearbox & TCU Tuning

Your vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) and TCU (Transmission Control Unit) operate in harmony, constantly exchanging real-time data. This collaboration ensures optimal gear selection, appropriate clutch engagement, precise shifting times, and more.

Given the interdependence of these two modules, we highly recommend tuning both the ECU and TCU at the same time. Doing so allows us to maximise the performance and enhance your driving experience following the remap, ensuring a harmonious and optimised interaction between your vehicle’s engine and transmission systems with the increased power output.

  • Improved shift speed
  • Increased torque limiters
  • Increased clutch clamping pressure
  • Improved shift points
  • Faster launch control

Add-ons available for some vehicles

Speed limiter removal
Exhaust valve control
Cold start delete
Pops & bangs / Crackles
Sports dial calibration
EGR & DPF Solutions
AdBlue Solutions
Start/Stop removal

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