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DPF, EGR & ADBLUE Solutions

AdBlue Solutions

Modern AdBlue systems are complex and can be extremely problematic. Many owners find themselves in a bind with these systems, as a lot of independent garages steer clear of working on AdBlue systems they are facing hefty repair bills from main dealers,

A fault in the AdBlue system usually triggers a mileage countdown, warning that the car won’t restart after reaching a certain point, further adding pressure to get these issues resolved quickly and effectively.

We can offer a disable solution that will prevent this from happening ever again for a fraction of the cost of a typical repair.

DPF Solutions

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) often present challenges in many diesel engines.

They are designed to catch soot and reduce emissions, however they can often become a source of frustration, especially for vehicles that rack up high mileage or are predominantly used for short journeys. In these cases, the DPF tends to block up more frequently, leading to reduced efficiency and costly repairs.

We can offer a long term solution by removing the DPF.

Smoother running
No worries of short journeys
Increased fuel efficiency
No expensive DPF repairs bills

EGR solutions

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves are another trick for reducing emissions in diesel engines, these valves recirculate exhaust gases back into the engine, but can often get clogged and malfunction, resulting in expensive repair bills.

We can offer a removal service for a fraction of the cost of replacing these valves.

Please note that the solutions offered on this page are for off-road use only. 


Installing these on your vehicle will cause it to fail a UK MOT test.

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