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Dyno/Rolling Road

Our in-house 4WD DynoDynamics rolling road is capable of safely and consistently measuring power outputs from as little as 10HP to 2400HP. Housed in our state-of-the-art dyno cell with optimal cooling and extraction systems to ensure that your car is in the perfect tuning environment.

Utilising our dyno, we are able to conduct comprehensive full power sweep tests and gather detailed data logs. This process enables us to precisely fine-tune vehicles in an environment that is both safe and reliable, ensuring the highest standards of safety and performance.


While peak horsepower and torque are important, they don’t always provide the complete picture in car tuning.

With our rolling road, we can consistently data-log and meticulously fine-tune your vehicle. Our focus is on enhancing the overall performance by maximising the area under the power curve, ensuring a balanced and optimised output across various driving conditions.

Dyno Rental

Our dyno can be rented out to the public or to professional tuners, with or without operator. Please contact us with your requirements.

Collecting Data

In a typical tuning session on our rolling road, we are able to simulate a diverse range of road conditions, providing us with a comprehensive view of your car’s performance. Gathering this valuable data allows us to fine-tuning each individual vehicle.

This approach is not only easier but also significantly safer than attempting similar adjustments on the road, ensuring precision and reliability in the tuning process.

Power Runs & Pricing

Power runs are available at Wayside Performance. If you’ve recently had a vehicle remapped and want to test it at our facilities, we can take care of this for you. Prices start at just £80 including VAT and the process should take around 45 mins.


Whenever a vehicle completes a power sweet test on our rolling road, whether after a full tuning session or simply in for power runs you will be presented with an easy to read power and torque graph.

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