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Welcome To Wayside Performance

Through skilful recalibration of a vehicles ECU we can extract huge gains in power, torque and efficiency.

Our facility in Coventry houses a 2400HP capable DynoDynamics 4WD dynamometer. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to thoroughly test, develop, and confirm the effectiveness of our tuning.

From commercial vehicles to supercars, we have a vast amount of experience with many vehicle makes, models and ECU types. Whether you’re looking for diesel economy tuning, modified vehicle tuning, or specialised setups for track cars, we have got you covered.

Specialist Performance Tuning
in the West Midlands

Based in Coventry we have in-depth knowledge and experience with a range of OEM ECU tuning, from basic stage 1 tuning to complex turbo and engine conversions.

We’re equipped to provide comprehensive tuning packages tailored to most vehicles, and we’re happy to recommend modifications that align with your power goals and budget considerations

ECU Remapping

With our custom tuning we can increase the power and efficiency of your car.

Dyno/Rolling Road

With our state of the art DynoDynamics rolling road we can datalog your car in a safe and consistent environment.

DPF, EGR & AdBlue Solutions

Solutions available for DPF, EGR and AdBlue faults.

average mpg increase (diesel only)
average stage 1 bhp increase
average stage 1 torque increase
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Our Services

ECU Remapping

Through skilful recalibration of your vehicle’s ECU, we unlock substantial improvements in power, torque, and overall efficiency. Our process begins with the use of state-of-the-art tools to safely extract the original mapping from your vehicle’s ECU….

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Dyno Services

Using our in-house DynoDynamics chassis dyno, we can consistently and accurately measure your car’s power and torque, as well as take datalogs from vehicles in a safe and reliable environment…

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